About Us

We represent the country’s most significant collection of separately owned historic homes and gardens. We are here to guarantee these historical houses remain for generations to come.

Our household consists of over 1,600 essential historical homes, lots of with open doors, waiting to be checked out. Usually, Historic Houses homes stay lived-in houses, and all of them have remarkable and distinct stories to inform.

Those homes that do not open their doors to visitors regularly frequently welcome individuals for occasions or wedding events. A number of our homes have lodging on the website, from remaining in glamorous spaces in the primary home to glamping in a transformed shepherd’s hut in the premises.

We work to support these homes, keeping them safe. We recommend owners on anything from increasing moist to hosting celebrations, and we lobby the federal government on their behalf. We award those homes that have finished remarkable remediations, have terrific gardens, and work relentlessly to master academic development. And we work to more research study into historic houses and their collections.